Tech Startup and Nonprofit Organization Apprenticeship Program: Bridge Skill and Opportunity Gap in Tech While Benefiting Your Business



Complete the Technology Assessment Questionnaire and select Yes for Interested in the apprenticeship program

At the heart of every small business and startup is an owner who is motivated and passionate. With a strict budget, it can be tough to accomplish your never-ending to-do list, especially during a time when technology seems to be evolving by the second.

Long story short, we are living in a technological economy. You are probably already aware of how this economy influences your ability to compete in a crowded market. Whether you are looking to create value or better engage with your customers, you need to overcome technological barriers.

The solution?

An eager, skilled individual who has an experienced mentor by their side. If you haven't yet considered the value of an apprentice, there is no time like the present.

Do I Really Need an Apprentice?

You may be thinking you do not currently have the resources, time or energy to bring someone into your business. You simply cannot afford this type of assistance based on market rates.

You may also be thinking that the extra help would be nice. After all, someone skilled in IT isn't your average helper. This type of individual could really help you develop your competitive edge.

Now, switch shoes for a moment. You are someone who is skilled and eager to enter the tech world. You want to begin a meaningful career, but you're fresh on the scene and do not have the experience most companies require.

Are you beginning to see the connection between your small business goals and the goals of a individual who wants to kickstart their IT career? An apprenticeship program closes this gap. The idea behind such a program is to help small businesses grow while supporting individuals skilled in IT.

Route360 Offers Apprenticeship Programs That Support Both Parties

The thought of hiring someone to help you take your business to the next level is daunting. A lack of finances is one thing, but directing and delegating IT tasks is another. You see the value in hiring someone, but it's just not feasible.

As a small business owner, you would gain access to individuals who you would otherwise not be able to afford. Sure, these individuals may not have the experience that most companies look for "on paper" -- but they are skilled. Best of all, they are guided by a mentor who does have years of experience.

Instantly, you would be given a brand new opportunity. In addition, you would support the development of a more diversified technology workforce. As you and your business benefit, you will provide these hardworking individuals with a path and a true opportunity to succeed. They want to achieve self-sufficiency and career success, all while helping you solidify your competitive advantage.

And the benefits do not end there.

By participating in an apprenticeship program, you will not only be able to leverage advances in technology through skilled people, but will also be provided with technical expertise. The people you would work with are those who would truly help you take advantage of technology.

As you work together, you will begin to unveil your business's true potential.

Whether you struggle to analyze your data, would like to learn more about coding languages or are finally ready to master WordPress, you can be a part of the solution. It's time to bridge the skills and opportunity gap while taking your business to the next level!


Complete the Technology Assessment Questionnaire and select Yes for Interested in the apprenticeship program