Bridging Skills and Opportunity Gaps in Tech

Expand opportunity to all in the changing economy by connecting people  with the resources, training, mentorship, education, and career development needed to find jobs in growing and innovative technical industries.



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Tackling widespread skills and opportunity gaps requires a community effort.

Route360 partners with:

  • Tech Professionals
  • Human Resources and Recruiting Specialists
  • Employers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Job Placement and Workforce Development Organization
  • Community Organizations

Together we form a powerful, caring network of professionals who work in concert to bring much needed innovation to training and hiring practices for technical positions.

Every Route360 partner plays critical role in this ecosystem, contributing valuable expertise, talent, and time – and sharing a commitment to providing access for everyone to the necessary skills, training, mentoring, and networking opportunities that will help launch fulfilling careers in high growth professions.


tech professionals

At the very core of Route360 is our technology expertise and leadership. Tech Professional engage in or lead workshops that address – in depth -  current technical challenges they face at work. As a Tech Professional, you’ll have multiple opportunities to share your expertise, mentor, provide feedback to curriculum and training programs, conduct workshops, lead study groups and tutoring sessions, and expand your professional network.


With thousands of tech jobs going unfilled, employers are forced to reimagine recruiting and training practices. A Route360 corporate partnership enables employers to develop innovative training in areas important to their technical operations and custom build their own talent pipelines, as well as providing up-skill and mentorship programs for existing employees.

community-based job placement and workforce solutions organization

Route360 provides specialized training for job seekers referred by community partners who are interested in a career in IT, and invests in each participant's success beyond the typical job search and training period. Route360 community partners gain access, for all of their constituents, to study groups, tutoring sessions, tech careers market analysis research, mentors, and opportunities to partner on community events.


Humanity’s greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity





Significant gains can be realized by helping people develop their undiscovered skills, talents, and abilities with the right training and coaching. Set high expectations and help people believe it can be reached.

The cornerstones of Route360 programs are:

  • Connecting with people at an individual level
  • Delivering high quality technical training and mentoring
  • Preparing people to take the next step in their careers
  • Working with employers to identify the skills they are looking for
  • Developing a career pathway so that where people start is not the end of the story
  • Caring about every person’s success
  • Continuously improving and innovating solutions around learning, skills development, education, and hiring practices for technical positions
  • Engaging an active community with people at the center. 

"In teaching, it is the method and not the content that is the message... the drawing out, not the pumping in "  -- Ashley Montagu


tech career prep

TechCareerPrep is an immersive three-month program aimed at equipping undergraduate, graduate students or new hires with the technical training, network, resources and community they need to launch, sustain and excel in their tech careers.

TechCareerPrep provides partner companies with the opportunity to expand brand awareness, develop a more diverse and qualified talent pipeline, and strengthen the overall tech community.


launch it career

Launch IT Career transitions people into careers in Information Technology. This innovative education and career development program combines technical skills training, workforce readiness training, mentoring, apprenticeship and internship opportunities that equip individuals with a pathway to an IT career.


TEchnical skills development

Route360 works with individuals to define what they need from their technical education, and matches this vision to what employers are looking for, so they can obtain a job that improves their economic opportunity. 

Services and Assistance include:

  • Tutoring & Study Groups
  • Technical Education Roadmap Development
  • Skills Assessment
  • Mentorship
  • Curated Online and In-Person Training Programs
  • Curated Resources

tech career exploration

Tech Career Exploration increases public awareness of tech job opportunities, and helps people make informed decisions about career, education and training options.

The program demystifies tech jobs by exposing the many opportunities beyond tech support and coding, helps people understand the skill-sets employers are looking for, and navigates the available resources and appropriate training programs that will result in the necessary skills acquisition and/or certifications.

The program also includes:

  • Initiatives to help middle and high school students better understand career pathway options in tech. 
  • Resources for community-based workforce, adult education and literacy providers to share with their constituents about IT jobs, training opportunities, and required industry credentials.