About route360

Route360 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise committed to expanding opportunity for all in the changing economy by connecting individuals with the resources, mentorship, education, and career development needed to find jobs in growing and innovative tech career.

Study shows that many people, even college graduates, lack crucial skills and are underprepared to enter the workforce. This is particularly evident in the technology sector, where the market is growing so fast, there aren’t enough workers with the proper skills and training to keep up with the new digital paradigm. Cyberstates 2017, an annual analysis of the nation's tech industry by technology association CompTIA, reported a record 627,000 unfilled high-tech jobs throughout the US.

On the other side of the job spectrum, there individuals with drive, ambition and talent, who lack access to high quality education and skills training, preventing them from pursuing careers in well-paying, high growth professions.

At one end, we have thousands of unfilled jobs – a skills gap. And at the other end, we have thousands of people whose potential is untapped – opportunity gap. Route 360 aims to build one bridge that will help fill both of these gaps by:

  • Offering education, training and certification classes for individuals seeking to joining the high-demand IT workforce

  • Providing personalized career development mentoring

  • Directing people to jobs with higher rates of employment

  • Providing access to professional networking opportunities

Route 360’s vision is to create lasting economic mobility for all individuals by empowering them with knowledge, skills and well-paying career opportunities that will meet the needs of employers who are struggling to find competent, highly skilled, and well-trained workers.


Route360 arms workers with the proper skills and training to meet growing demand in high tech professions. By providing technical training and certification classes, professional career development mentoring, networking resources and workshops, we help individuals develop career pathways that will get them permanently out of dead-end or low-paying jobs.

Many people have the aptitude and motivation to learn new skills, but lack access or means to pursue the education and training required to get a better job. We provide solutions that eliminate the barriers to high tech education and training.

Route360 partners with community-based workforce and career development organizations that share our commitment to creating more effective workforce development programs, bringing diversity to the technology profession, bridging the technology skills gap; and breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Our community partners represent:

  • Unemployed or underemployed

  • Young adults aging out of foster care

  • Older workers

  • Veterans

  • People in job or career transition

Route360 is committed to a shared culture of learning, and to creating a strong referral network for our program participants, community partners and volunteers.


Limited access to education and training is the biggest barrier to long term prosperity for hard working individuals looking to improve their lives. And with automation rapidly replacing low-paying jobs, and therefore displacing workers, the need for retraining and digital literacy programs has skyrocketed.

Route360 is working to close this gap and ensure that hard-working, dedicated and talented individuals, stuck in dead-end or low-paying jobs, have better access to high quality training and education, creating new opportunities to earn high paying jobs in high growth sectors.