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LAUNCH DATE : thursday, September 5 2019

The monthly session is for anyone interested in a tech career to improve their economic opportunity or interested in another tech career path.


  • Increase public awareness of tech job opportunities.

  • Help people make informed decisions about career, education and training options.

  • Educate people on the skill-sets employers are looking for, and how to navigate the available resources and training programs to acquire the skill and/or certification.

Each session showcases different career paths as well as recurring workshops on the following topics depending on where you are in your journey.

  • Not sure where to start or which career path is right for you

  • Developing the necessary skills and assessing your competency level

  • Gaining an understanding of what it takes to conceive, design, develop and ship products.

  • Opportunities that exists to gain early professional work experience.

  • How to put your best foot forward when you might not have the professional experience

  • How to succeed in the workplace and grow your career

  • Networking with local employees and peers

  • High-Level Educational Plan.