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A monthly session for startup and nonprofit organizations looking to leverage technology in the best and most efficient manner possible to ask questions and gain technical advice on topics/problems that are most relevant to them. For software startup access to technical expertise on your chosen or potential technology stack.

LAUNCH DATE : august 23

We live in a technological economy and the continuous integration of technology into all facets private, professional, and public life is changing the way companies compete, create value, and engage with their business partners and customers. As entrepreneurs, we don’t always have the resources or expertise to leverage advances in technology to deliver true competitive advantage. These advantages can be in; customer experience, scale, cost, engagement, new channels to market etc.


Help us understand your needs, technology vision and the current state of your technology journey. Your answers ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from the monthly sessions and weekly curated content.


Do you have a question about technology related question on how to leverage technology in the best and most efficient manner.

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Bridging skills & opportunity gaps in tech - While Benefiting Your Business

At the heart of every small business and startup is an owner who is motivated and passionate. The only issue is that money is typically tight. If you have recently started a business, you know this problem all too well.

With a small, strict budget, it can be tough to accomplish your never-ending to-do list, especially during a time when technology seems to be evolving by the second.

Long story short, we are living in a technological economy. You are probably already aware of how this economy influences your ability to compete in a crowded market. Whether you are looking to create value or better engage with your customers, you need to overcome technological barriers.

Our Solution?