August 6 to September 24 - Grow with Google - Applied Digital Skills Training


August 6 to September 24 - Grow with Google - Applied Digital Skills Training


Join this 8-week hands-on and interactive instructor-led course as we follow the Grow with Google Applied Digital Skills for Adult Learners course to learn practical digital skills using their free project-based video curriculum that includes an Introduction to Machine Learning.

Class Size:  Min - 5 Students ,  Max - 20 Students

Timeframe:  August 6 to September 24

Day & Time: Thursday - 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: Government Information Division, Dallas Public Library | 1515 Young Street | Gates Room (L1) | Dallas, TX 75201


The expectation is that each participant is committed to starting and completing the course and spending time outside of the weekly 3hr in-person session to complete all assignments.

The course uses G Suite tools to help sharpen your skills in these areas:

Research & Communication

  • Evaluate bias

  • Research a topic

  • Create presentations 

Data Analysis

  • Create spreadsheet formulas

  • Identify patterns in data

  • Visualize data using graphs

G Suite Tools

  • Sheets, Slides, Docs, Gmail Calendar, Drive

Coding & Digital Literacy

  • Use digital tools

  • Implement algorithms

  • Debug code


  • PC or MAC Laptop

  • Be comfortable managing information on your computer and perform tasks such as opening and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders.