Beyond Default Settings Workshop Series - A Technological Exploration with aptitude LLC


The software development ecosystem is continually changing with new sets of tools, frameworks, techniques, and paradigms. To fully understand the upsides and drawbacks of modern technology along with its nuances requires going on an exploratory journey with a product one is most familiar with.

Meetup Session Goal

  • Share lessons learned from applying the following topics to the product I work on daily.
  • Learn from other’s unique experiences
  • Create a shared culture of learning and an environment for constructive debate.


J. Erik Jonsson Central Library - Downtown Dallas Public Library


  • Event Driven Architecture with Amazon Kinesis and Lambda
  • Serverless Architecture with AWS
  • Event Sourcing with Eventuate ES
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)  - Embracing Materialized Views
  • Microservices - Transitioning from a Monolith plus system
  • Reactive Programming with RxJava
  • Embracing Java 10
  • Exploring Graph Database with Neo4j
  • Proactive Monitoring and Observability

As an online contracting platform where healthcare’s leading providers and suppliers come to explore opportunities, aptitude LLC streamlines and improves aspects of supply chain operations. The platform is developed on a standard request/response architecture, and each session will explore the following areas as we apply each topic to different aspects of the platform.

  • Architectural Complexity
  • Community Support
  • Realized Benefits
  • Pros / Cons
  • Debugging and Maintenance
  • The impact to existing development processes
  • Test Automation
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Security
  • Operations
Kemi Ibitayo