Tech For Group Project - Tech Career Exploration Platform Development - Session One

The Tech Career Exploration Platform development starts with the user registration service. A vital goal of the study group is exposure to different tools, frameworks, techniques, and paradigms. Although there are solutions such as Auth0 for identity management we are taking the build vs. buy approach.

Two versions of the user registration service are under development. One version is a containerized service with Docker, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate and AWS RDS (Aurora) and the second version developed with AWS API Gateway, Amazon Lambda (Nodejs) and DynamoDB.

Version One

Version Two

Development of the user registration service provides exposure to the following concepts and technology, and future Tech Career Exploration Platform feature development provides a deeper dive. 

  • RESTful web service
  • A touch of Event Driven and Serverless Architecture
  • AWS Lambda (NodeJs)
  • AWS Simple Email Service & SES Email Template
  • Test Driven Development
  • Evolving database changes with Liquibase
  • Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate
  • Angular 6, Bootstrap
  • Kinesis
  • AWS Secret Manager

Join the Meetup group

  • Junior developers interested in gaining exposure to a range of tools, frameworks, technology, and paradigms while developing a Tech Career Exploration Tech For Good Project
  • Anyone interested in gaining experience with the operations side.  An opportunity to develop the CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline, Infrastructure automation with Cloud Formation, AWS CLI, and AWS SDK as well as design/implement the monitoring approach.
  • Anyone interested in serving as a mentor or teaching a topic.
Kemi Ibitayo